8th June, 2024

Solidarity rally for prisoners Ayaz and Saka

Solidarity rally for prisoners Ayaz and Saka, Kurdistanis met in front of the prison for the prisoners Kenan Ayaz Kadir Saka in Hamburg.

A solidarity rally was organised in front of the prison for Kurdish activist Kenan Ayaz, who was extradited to Germany after being arrested in Cyprus upon the request of the German state, and for Kadir Saka, who was sent to Hamburg Prison after being arrested by the German police in Bremen.

Speaking at the rally organised by the Committee for the Freedom of Kenan Ayaz, former HDP MP Nihat Akdoğan stated that there is no humanity where there is isolation and denial. Akdoğan said, ‘The ongoing isolation of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan has spread to all prisons and all over the country. Our friends Kenan Ayaz and Kadri Saka should regain their freedom as soon as possible.”

Women activist Anja Flach said that Ayaz has been arbitrarily imprisoned for more than a year just for Erdoğan’s pleasure, although there is no serious accusation. ‘Let’s not leave Ayaz and Saka alone in their trial,’ said Flach, adding that Kenan Ayaz had been sacrificed to the economic and military interests of the German and Turkish states.

Serhado, an artist and Kenan Ayaz’s nephew, also spoke at the protest.

Speeches on behalf of Defend Kurdistan and Hamburg DKTM emphasised the need for the immediate release of Ayaz and Saka.

The solidarity event ended with Serhado’s songs and the slogans ‘Bijî berxwedana zindanan’.