The extradition of the Kurdish fighter Kenan Ayas to Germany, following the first instance decision by the District Court of Larnaca (19 April 2023) and the rejection of the appeal by the Supreme Court (16 May 2023), gave rise to the need for the creation of an Observatory to monitor the judicial proceedings against him in Germany, specifically in Hamburg. An observatory particularly necessary as after the extradition of Kenan Ayas and the extremely difficult conditions of his detention, there is a deliberate silencing on the behalf of the Republic of Cyprus and the media as well as an indifference and acceptance of his extradition by civil society and the majority of political parties and MPs.

Therefore, because the case of the Kurdish intellectual did not end with his extradition and because the human rights of a man under political persecution are a priority, the Observatory for the trial of Kenan Ayas was created to put under the microscope the unjust proceedings against him, on the basis of political persecution with the ultimate aim of condemning an entire people, the Kurdish people along with their self-emancipation acts as well as humanity’s . Achievements such as the Democratic Confederation in North-Eastern Syria, known as Rojava, which is a system of social organization and philosophy that responds to the global crisis, which contains as its central pillars the autonomous organization and freedom of women at an economic-political-military level, economic cooperativism, direct democracy and the peaceful coexistence of all different religions and ethnicities in the Middle East war pot. A modern revolution whose enlightenment is spreading all over the world and in particular threatening the fascism of the Turkish NATO-state that has bled the resisting Kurdish people. Kenan Ayas is part of this revolutionary hopeful effort and that is why we decided, people from Cyprus and Kurdistan, to cooperate and take the responsibility of informing about what preceded and what follows for Kenan Ayas, who is being persecuted at the behest of the Turkish state and with the full cooperation of the German and Cypriot authorities, a cooperation that points to an international conspiracy, similar to the one that has kept Abdullah Ocalan in solitary confinement in prison since 1 February 1999 after his surrender from the Greek state to the Turkish state.

The “Observatory for the trial of Kenan Ayas” undertakes to inform the Cypriot society about what is happening and what will happen in Hamburg, recalling the assurances given by the Cypriot state regarding the terms of the Larnaca District Court: The non-consecutive extradition of the Kurdish fighter to Turkey and the serving of his sentence, if convicted, in Cyprus. The Observatory will record everything concerning Kenan Ayas and will make its utmost effort to prevent indifference and cover-up of this political persecution. Our small contribution to the Kurdish Freedom Movement: The immediate return of the Kurdish fighter-intellectual Kenan Ayas to Cyprus!

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