25th April, 2024

Big mistake: Nicosia sent the Kurdish fighter Kenan Ayas to the Germans for a mock trial, he is at risk of deportation to authoritarian Turkey

Ιn each hearing at the Supreme Regional Court of Hanseatic, the feeling that the president of the court (and not the accusers) is being led astray by a pre-decided decision she has already taken against the Kurdish activist Kenan Ayas, writes the Phileleftheros newspaper. The intensity with which it faces the defense and the unjustified rejection of its many objections, proves that other reasons motivate the position of the Bureau and they have nothing to do with German justice. At the April 19 hearing it was again made clear that there is not the slightest evidence linking Kenan to any terrorist or so-called terrorist organization or even to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, but he is about to complete a year in a German prison. The Bureau again refused the request for a new translation of the messages that supposedly link Ayas to a member of the PKK and considered the translation of the members of the Police to be valid. The same happened with other telecommunications data, which were considered true by the Bureau, but this time it expressed the position that the Turkish translators are right, with all that implies. The request for an examination of the messages and calls by an expert was rejected. He also did not respond to a request for further examination of the German police informants, although the defense agreed to send 5 questions and have them answered in writing, so that their identities would not be revealed. It is worth noting that, according to information, these are Turks or Kurds who are offered to stay in Germany in exchange for this information. It is not considered whether they are telling the truth, but the court accepts their testimony as presumptive evidence for the trial.

He was celebrating Nevroz, with hundreds of thousands of Kurds

 After the interim rulings, the court president read out parts of another ruling, according to which a Kurdish militant was convicted as a member of the PKK. In fact, he also showed some photos from a celebration of Nevroz (the Kurdish New Year) in Frankfurt in 2019, in which both the convicted and Kenan Ayas were present. A single photo of Kenan was enough to link him to the charge being considered against him, even though there is no proof of his contact with the convict. The president of the court read out details concerning the Kurdish movement and the imprisoned Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, without specifying how Kenan Ayyas is being targeted, while from her position the photos were not at all visible even though the process is open to the public and journalists . In fact, the file of the convicted Kurdish fighter was not given to the defense, to Ayas’s lawyer, Antonia Von Der Behrens, which also confirms his concern about cover-up and concealment of facts in violation of European law.

Annoyance in the bureau about the room’s acoustics

 It is not the first time it has happened, but the main proceedings were preceded by a dispute over the acoustics of room 288 of the Higher Regional Court of Hamburg. The president of the court confronted the audience, while she did not accept the observation of the defense about a problem with the microphone installation.


They demanded that Kenan take off his clothes

Indicative of the enmity of the authorities for the Kurdish fighter is the increased control they gave him after the procedure on Wednesday, April 17. As we were informed, because we succeeded in embracing him, on his return to the prisons he was obliged to remove his clothes and again suffer the humiliation of human dignity. Kenan Ayas has been living in these conditions for almost a year, who was extradited by the Cypriot authorities without the slightest proof of a criminal act, to experience a mock trial being conducted against him.


Source Phileleftheros newspaper