5th April, 2024


A different afternoon was experienced in Eleftherias Square on April 4. It was the birthday of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, who for 25 years has been in isolation in the Turkish prison of Kalolimnos and whose fate has been unknown since March 2021 when he had his last communication with his brother. To his lawyers, Turkish authorities have not allowed any communication since 2019. On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Ocalan’s life and 30 years since the assassination of the common hero of Kurds and Cypriots, Theofilos Georgiades, Kurds and Cypriots gathered in Eleftherias Square to reiterate the pledge of a common march against occupation, imperialism and colonialism.
The event was held by the Kurdistan Cultural Centre “Theophilos”, on the occasion of the publication of the book “FROM THEOPHILOS TO KENAN”, which contains texts by Kenan Ayas, who is on false trial in Hamburg, Kurdish and Cypriot solidarity activists, who insist on a common struggle in line with the Theophilus line. Kenan’s message about Theophilus and his struggle was heard in the centre of semi-occupied Nicosia and those gathered sang and shouted for the release of Abdullah Ocalan. We will not give in, we will not betray Theophilos’ struggle, we will persevere until Kenan returns and we will celebrate together in a free Cyprus and a free Kurdistan.

Observatory for the trial of Kenan Ayas
5 April 2024