Four witnesses were called on the part of the Legal Department, three of them police officers. The first one intercepted Kenan Ayas at the airport on the morning of March 15. The second executed the provisional arrest warrant at 17:00 on the same day without reading Kenan his rights in his native language, using Kenan’s escort as an interpreter. The third executed the European arrest warrant the following morning. The proceedings were adjourned during the examination of the fourth witness, an official of the Ministry of Justice, who gave as evidence a pan-European list of terrorist organisations including the PKK. The defence position was that this did not justify the extradition of Kenan to face trial in a German court. The clarifications requested by the German authorities regarding the General Authorisation of the German Ministry of Justice (concerning the arrests of heads of local organisations) and the extradition and trial of Kenan Ayas are still pending. The 48-year-old Kurdish man stated that he does not consent to the European arrest and extradition warrant as he considers his prosecution to be political.