1st December, 2023

The absolute humiliation of Cyprus by Erdogan

The Observatory for the Trial of Kenan Ayas expresses and conveys its anger, so that the two Cypriot courts and the Cypriot government, which consented to and allowed the extradition of the Kurdish fighter to Germany, may feel it. The ultimate humiliation for the Cypriot authorities arrives from Berlin and the recent visit of Turkish dictator Erdogan, who personally dealt with the ongoing judicial proceedings against Kenan Ayas.

Speaking of a “new chapter in Turkey’s deep relations” with Germany, Erdogan expressed his pleasure regarding the criminal proceedings being conducted at the Hamburg Higher Regional Court against a “suspected member of the Kurdish terrorist group PKK,” as he put it.

The statement certainly refers to Kenan, but the news were not shared with all German media. It is, however, proof of who is satisfied with the extradition of Kenan Ayas first by the Larnaca District Court and then by the Supreme Court. We wonder whether those who are currently receiving the thanks of the Turkish dictator Erdogan, who occupies half of Cyprus, conducts ethnic cleansing against the Kurds and dares to refer to “terrorism”, have a clear conscience.  Erdogan should especially thank the Cypriot authorities, the Ministry of Justice, the Attorney General’s Office and the Courts of Cyprus. We wonder if they feel they have done their duty to the law by allowing the extradition of a man who is being persecuted for his political beliefs at the behest of the Turkish fascist state. Shame.


Observatory for the trial of Kenan Ayas,

1 December 2023