2nd November, 2023

Spontaneous gathering for Kenan Ayas in Nicosia, Phileleftherios

A spontaneous rally in solidarity with Kurdish fighter Kenan Ayas took place in Nicosia tonight. Kurds and Cypriots gathered at the German embassy near the Presidential Palace, on the occasion of the start of the court proceedings tomorrow (3/11) at the Hamburg High Regional Court.
By hanging symbolic banners and slogans such as “Kenan Ayas one of us” and “Freedom to Kenan” they sent the message that Cyprus is following the proceedings and that the case of the Kurdish political refugee is not over with his extradition last June.

It is worth noting that Kenan Ayas’s is part of a more general persecution of Kurdish fighters in Germany on charges of membership of a terrorist organisation. Apart from his defence lawyer, Efstathios Efstathiou, the trial will be attended by AKEL MP and press spokesman George Koukumas.
The mobilisation is part of a general framework of actions, with the observatory for Kenan Ayas’ trial, Kenan Watch (kenanwatch.org), at its core.