4th September, 2023

AKEL registers issue on Kenan Ayaz in Parliament, Alpha News Live

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AKEL is registering the issue of the management of the Kenan Ayaz case for debate in Parliament, according to a statement on Sunday morning.

A statement stressed support and participation in tomorrow’s mobilisation organised by the Kurdistan Cultural Centre “Theophilos”.

    “AKEL, which has supported from the very first moment the struggle against the surrender of the Kurdish fighter to Germany, at Turkey’s demand, calls for participation in the mobilisation: tomorrow, Monday, May 22nd at 6:30pm in Eleftherias Square in Nicosia. A march will follow to the German Embassy and the Presidential Palace. It also calls on the government of Nicos Christodoulides to take political and diplomatic initiatives – even now – in order to prevent the surrender of Keynan Ayaz.”

“At the same time, AKEL announces that it is registering for discussion in Parliament the issue of the management of the Kenyan Ayaz case and its implications, as well as the issue of his detention conditions,” the statement concludes.